Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tell Congress: Oppose Title X --- Save Net Neutrality

On Wednesday both the House and Senate held hearings to discuss open Internet rules, and Sen. John Thune and Rep. Fred Upton pushed their fake Net Neutrality legislation — dubbed "Title X" — as a solution.

But here's the thing: This bill is no solution. It's a big, big problem.

Fight back and make sure the phones in Congress are ringing off the hook.

Call your members in Congress and urge them to oppose the Thune-Upton bill.

This bill is a loophole-ridden disaster. It's disguised as a Net Neutrality bill but what it actually does is protect the phone and cable broadband duopoly from oversight. It legalizes lots of harmful discriminatory practices by preventing the FCC from moving on its own to adopt and enforce rules.

If these guys really wanted a bipartisan solution to protect Internet users and preserve Net Neutrality, they would step aside and let the FCC do its job. There's already a bipartisan solution on the table: Title II of the Communications Act.

Tell Congress to let the FCC do its job and oppose the Thune-Upton bill, Title X.


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