Tuesday, January 13, 2015

'Obama putting Band Aid on Gitmo tumor': Analyst

“Guantanamo Bay is a symptom of a system, Barack Obama for that matter is a symptom of a system, and his promise to close Guantanamo Bay is the equivalent of putting a Band Aid on a malignant tumor,” Mickey Z, a New York-based writer and editor, told Press TV in an interview on Monday.

“Upon his first inauguration in January of 2009, Obama promised to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay within a year. As we know that did not come close to happening,” he said.

“Of course if he were serious on such things as ‘hope’ and ‘change’ he would have closed it immediately, apologized to those that were illegally imprisoned and detained, perhaps offered reparations, and start handing out indictments to people in his administration and in the Bush administration for setting up such an illegal prison.”

Americans on Sunday took to the streets to protest the 13th anniversary of the opening of the Guantanamo prison in Cuba.

The activists criticized Washington’s double standards, and said if any other government was “responsible for a place of injustice like Guantanamo, it would surely draw US condemnation.”

More:  http://www.presstv.ir/Detail/2015/01/12/392798/Guantanamo-Bay-a-symptom-of-a-system

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