Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Keystone Decision in Sight: Timeline and What You Can Do

What is the timeline for a KXL decision now?

As the normal process goes, the State Department (State Dept.) will take comments from Federal Agencies on (or before) Feb 2. They will then incorporate those into the EIS. Those comments help the State Dept. create an National Interest Determination (NID) memo.
The State Dept. then issues that NID memo publicly and the Federal Agencies have up to 10 days to comment again (agencies could all weigh in under one day for example if they have no issues with it).
Then, the State Dept. sends the NID memo and recommendation to approve or reject Keystone XL to the President.
Now, here is where things get interesting because of Congress.
The Senate is set to start debate on all the pro and anti-KXL amendments on Jan. 20th. You can see the text of the bill and all the amendments here.
...It will take the Senate about 2 weeks to get through debates and votes on all the amendments.
When the bill passes (they have enough votes to pass the bill, just not enough for a veto override), the President then has up to 10 days to sign the bill into law or veto the bill. If he does nothing, it automatically becomes law. The President has already said he will veto the bill. Pres. Obama has not vetoed many bills in his term, only two in fact...

What can you do to help?

Donate to the landowners’ legal fight:

Send a #veto and #reject pen to the White House:
Write a letter to Pres. Obama:
The White House, 1600 Penn. Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20500
Call and leave a message about rejecting KXL:
Write a letter to your local paper:
We have lots of facts linked below but we also have some great one pagers on a google drive you can use to write a letter to your local paper. We have tips on writing a LTE here.
Tweet and Facebook Federal Agencies, ask them to stand up for our land and water by commenting on State Dept report:

@EPA and on Facebook/ They can comment on the flawed climate analysis and show updated info on low oil prices and carbon impact. They can also comment on risks to land and water with no clear and scientific way to clean up tarsands and diluent (like benzene) out of our water. A peer-reviewed study on what a spill would do to Nebraska’s land and water was mocked by State Dept. review and must be included. The people who wrote the mocking of Dr. Stansbury report ALL WORK for TransCanada. Bold put up a post about risks to our water that should be included also. Our government knows you can’t clean up oil (remember the spill in 1979 and that wasn’t even tarsands and diluents like benzene, which are far worse)
@Interior and on Facebook/ Sec. Jewel can accept the meeting request by the Lakota Sioux which has documented concerns and treaty violations that should be included in the State Dept. report. This is of critical importance. The Cowboy and Indian Alliance will not stand for anything less than the United States respecting and recognizing the legal concerns of the Tribal Nations.
@Phmsa_DOT and on Facebook/ Ask them to make it clear that TransCanada’s pipeline had to be shut down under a Corrective Action Order because it was a risk to life and that the “47 special conditions” TransCanada brags about as proof theirs is the “safest pipeline ever built” were actually mandates from PHMSA because of concerns on this maximum pressure, huge, tarsands pipeline. Much of this documented in Public Citizens report on pipeline anomalies in Texas (this report should be given to every Member of Congress).
@USTreasury and on Facebook/ The IRS can put an end to the tarsands tax loophole. TransCanada is getting a free ride, they do not pay taxes into the Oil Spill Liability Fund.
@StateDept and on Facebook/ Ask that they use their own map and finally put an end to the question if the pipeline route still crosses the Sandhills and the Ogallala Aquifer. The answer is yes, yes the route still crosses both of these natural and critical resources to our economy and livelihoods of farmers and ranchers. See page 3.3-23. Mostly, we hope Sec. Kerry is now engaged because we know he would never let the current report stand.

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