Friday, January 30, 2015

January 31 Marks Global Day of Action Against Torture

With a lack of media coverage and little response from politicians since the release of the Senate's report on torture, human rights organizations and activists are planning rallies and various other events protesting against the use of torture.

In an effort to stand in solidarity with victims of torture, activist groups and media outlets are among the thousands of people across the world calling for action on Jan. 31. The decentralized day of action is an attempt to bring a greater understanding of the CIA's use of torture and keep the discussion going.

While mainstream media and the government are doing nothing, but trying to forget about the released report, this global day of action is an opportunity to "wake the public to tax-payer funded torture."

Some communities have planned protests and rallies, others have prepared street theater using reenactments of water-boarding and force-feeding to grab the publics attention and change the global conversation.

Help spread the word and follow the day of action using the hashtag #EndTorture on the many social media outlets.

For more information about the Global Day of Action Against Torture or to find an event near you, click here.


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