Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Growing Chorus Of Diverse Voices Rejects TPP

Though Americans are divided on may issues, there are still a few things that we pretty much agree on. We respect The United States Constitution, and the freedoms that it guarantees. We value our right to petition local, state and federal government through ballot-initiatives that we can vote into law through our representative democracy. These are non-partisan issues. Though there are opposing opinions on how to address issues like public health, the environment and workers rights, these things are also dear to every American. A chorus of voices and organizations from all sides of the political spectrum have expressed grave concerns and opposition to the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership. The agreement known as TPP has been negotiated in secret behind closed doors and crafted by lobbyists, bankers and corporate leaders.

Luckily our Constitution grants authority for international commerce to Congress. Unfortunately there is an effort to pass TPP without any Congressional oversight using a process known as Fast Track Legislation.


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