Monday, January 12, 2015

Call to Action: Help Shutdown Keystone XL Now

CALL TO ACTION! Tues, Jan 13th - 7pm CST.
#NOKXL Vigil Across Turtle Island!!
Share far and wide.
Let our voices be heard!! #OcetiRising #RejectKXL
This action is in solidarity with a large group of environmental orgs all performing actions across North America. List your vigil/rally here: (we are making a map of all the actions happening that day)

Stand with youth to stop the Black Snake in SD
Reject Keystone XL NOW!

President Obama -- TransCanada’s deadline to build Keystone XL in South Dakota has expired -- they have applied to re-authorize their permit, but it’s not approved yet, and we're fighting to stop them every step of the way. Oceti Sakowin and non-native youth of South Dakota have come together to stop this dirty and dangerous pipeline, and call on you to uphold your commitment to bring prosperity to our communities and reject Keystone XL immediately.
Keystone XL goes against our international commitments for emissions reductions as well as President Obama's vision to combat climate change. I, and many others across my state and nation, will continue to demand that a smart choice will be made not only for my sake, but for those that come after me." Click here to sign.
Reject Keystone XL -- Now
The Nebraska Supreme Court has validated the Keystone XL route in the state -- and while they've given in to Big Oil, we need the President to stand tall.
President Obama has said he will veto legislation to approve Keystone XL -- now he needs to take the next step by rejecting the pipeline once and for all.
Join us on Tuesday evening at rallies coast-to-coast to tell the President that it's time to reject Keystone XL.
Supporting organizations: 
  • Indigenous Environmental Network
  • Oil Change International
  • Rainforest Action Network
  • The Sierra Club

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