Sunday, November 23, 2014

TPP Talks Come To DC: Time To Release The Text!

We’ve just completed a fantastic week of actions to tell Congress that there is strong opposition to Fast Track and the TPP.

And now we’ve learned that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiators are coming to Washington, DC in early December so that the President can finalize the text.

As you may well know, the parts of the TPP that we’ve seen show that this agreement will severely undermine our ability to protect our communities and the planet. The TPP extends way beyond a traditional trade agreement and puts in place laws that would not pass through Congress in the light of day. The TPP deregulates corporations and gives them enhanced power to sue from the local to the national level if laws interfere with their expected profits. And the court that would be used operates outside of our legal system and can’t be challenged.

Imagine life if the TPP passes: we would not be able to ban fracking or stop corporations from other toxic practices; we would not be able to give preference to local producers of goods and services; and we would lose more jobs to countries with lower wages and worker protections which would hasten the race to the bottom.

The TPP is the nightmare that we describe. That’s why the negotiators have classified the text for the first time in the history of trade agreements. And that’s why we are joining the voices of those in other affected countries to say that the office of the US Trade Representative must release the text!

****Please mark your calendar now to join us in Washington, DC on Sunday, December 7 at the Office of the US Trade Representative for a rally at 3 pm.***

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