Thursday, November 27, 2014

Stop TPP Internet Censorship Plan

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is moving again, with Congress pushing for a vote soon on undemocratic Fast Track legislation. Last month, the latest version of the TPP’s crucial copyright & intellectual property chapter leaked. It’s hard to believe, but the TPP has gotten even worse since the last leaked version. [1]

We’ve beaten the TPP back before. It’s time to do it again. Corrupt officials in Congress want to “fast track” the TPP right now during the lame duck session. [2] The vote could be close. Will you take action now to stop Internet censorship?

Click here to stop the TPP Internet censorship plan.

Millions of people have already spoken out against the TPP power grab. Every issue we care about depends on the future of the free and open web. Take a moment today to defend it.
[1] Jeremy Malcom & Maira Sutton. EFF Deep Links Blog. Latest TPP Leak Shows US Still Pushing Terrible DRM and Copyright Term Proposals.
[2] Reuters. U.S. Top Trade Official Optimistic on Fast-Track Power. /usa-congress-trade-idUKL2N0T92PD20141119


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