Saturday, November 29, 2014

All Charges Thrown Out Against Kinder-Morgan Pipeline Protesters

SFU molecular biology chair Lynne Quarmby beamed widely as Justice Austin Cullen announced at the B.C. Supreme Court that Kinder Morgan’s request to extend the injunction date would be rejected, and said all charges of civil contempt for protesters arrested so far on Burnaby Mountain would be thrown out.
“It’s fantastic!” Quarmby said, moments after the judge announced his decision. “It’s a fabulous victory.”
Drivers in cars passing by the court house honked their horns, apparently recognizing the professor, who was arrested last week protesting Kinder Morgan’s pipeline expansion.
“Trans Mountain’s incompetence showed up very clearly in the court today…it’s a shame you have to be fighting this battle on this level because of laws put into place in an omnibus bill in 2012. Laws that were favouring oil companies, removing all consideration of environmental concerns. All because of those, I’ve been fighting on the front lines.”
Justice Cullen’s ruling did, however, allow Kinder Morgan to substitute its current injunction zone, which was not accurate, with the correct one.
The ruling was a big blow to Kinder Morgan, which was applying to both to expand its current injunction zone (which turned out to be “not even overlapping”, according to Quarmby, with the police line) and the injunction deadline to December 12. Now, Kinder Morgan must finish its work and leave by December 1.

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