Monday, October 27, 2014

There Will Never Be Justice for Michael Brown

More than two months after he was shot dead in the street by a Ferguson, Missouri, police officer, 18-year-old Michael Brown has been targeted again, this time by a series of leaks from people involved with or connected to the grand jury investigating the events leading to his death at the hands of Officer Darren Wilson.

What many have suspected all along is now clear for all to see: There will be no justice for Brown. Those tasked with seeing that justice is served are actively impeding a fair and independent consideration of the facts. And everything that the protesters fought for — and were assured would happen — is at risk of being lost.

The "new information:" The most recent leaks in Ferguson represent a direct appeal to public pressure points meant to exonerate Wilson and impugn Brown.

There is talk of "blood spatter analysis, shell casings and ballistics tests" used to prove Brown tried to grab Wilson's gun. Scared of the evil weed? You should know that Brown, according to the "sources," had enough marijuana in his system that he might reasonably have "suffered hallucinations." How about those terrible reports he was shot with his hands up? Well, there's a new autopsy report out showing that wasn't possible. 

The new details are wide ranging but follow a common thread: Each one, in the way it is presented, stands to bolster Wilson's version of events and discredit any other account.



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