Wednesday, October 29, 2014

NM’s Minority Groups Form Alliance to Address Concerns, Beginning With Elections

It is well documented that New Mexico has some of the highest percentages of poverty and hunger in the country. Recently, the New Mexico Human Services Department decided to place more job and training requirements on people receiving food stamps.

In response, members of the Native American, African American, Latino and Jewish communities created a new group called the New Mexico People’s Solidarity Alliance.

“We looked out across the landscape and didn’t like what we saw. We didn’t like what was happening in our communities, villages, and our neighborhoods. We didn’t like seeing the huge pockets of poverty and the large sections of our communities struggling to survive,” said Conroy Chino from Acoma Pueblo, and a longtime news reporter in the Albuquerque TV market. “We didn’t like seeing our families and our children going unfed and hungry.”

A press conference was held recently at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque and it was highlighted with the signing of a Declaration of Unity by members of the alliance. The five pressing topics of hunger, poverty, jobs, healthcare and education are the major concerns, but the alliance feels they can be addressed most directly through participation in the upcoming elections.


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