Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Could This Key Legal Precedent Take Down Monsanto?

Will it take a civil wrongful death suit to take down the biotech giant Monsanto, or will it require a criminal murder trial? Under what legal circumstance would our corrupt governments be induced to reveal hidden studies that prove Monsanto knew that glyphosate, Bt toxins, and GM seed would cause harm to humans all along?

Federal appeals courts have dismissed organic farmer’s lawsuits for crop contamination with genetically modified seed many times. The biotech bully devotes $10 million a year along with a staff of 75 specifically to investigate and sue farmers who use their GM technology without paying royalties. But how can we effectively sue Monsanto when they have so completely infiltrated our government – from the US department of Agriculture to seats of our own Supreme Court?

More:  http://www.nationofchange.org/could-key-legal-precedent-take-down-monsanto-1409061393

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