Monday, June 30, 2014

The New Indian Wars Coming to Rice Lake

It’s an epic moment. The newest version of the Indian Wars is coming towards Rice Lake. This Seventh Cavalry incarnation is a set of fossil fuels and extractive mining proposals, capped by some pipelines—big ones headed every which way across the heart of Indian country: Kinder Morgan and Enbridge Gateway to the North in what is called British Columbia and into the Salish Sea; Energy East projected to go from West to East to Miq’Mac territory; the Keystone XL , Alberta Clipper, Line 9 and the Sandpiper are all intended to move fossil fuels—fracked oil and tar sands oil across some territories, which have no pipelines. The companies—Kinder Morgan, Trans Canada and Enbridge—with the largest armament, are intent upon reaching their ports: Superior, St. Johns, Kitimat, and Vancouver. They are, however, opposed.


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