Tuesday, February 25, 2014

US War on Peacemakers in Indian Country

The US war on peacemakers is revealed in the details of spying on peace activists today by Democracy Now! The current details are no surprise to Native American and First Nation peace activists who are blacklisted and censored, which exposes the role of the US government and media in the promotion of the military and bogus wars.

Buffy Sainte Marie was censored, blacklisted and forced out of the music industry in the US. Louise Benally was censored by Indian Country Today when she compared the war in Iraq with the forced Longest Walk of Dine' to the prison camp of Fort Sumner.

During an interview that was censored by Indian Country for nine years, Cree singer Buffy Sainte Marie said it was her stance against the Vietnam War and her song, "Universal Soldier," that led to her being targeted by the US government and eventually forced out of the music industry in the US.

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