Friday, February 14, 2014

Join A National Call to Action for Human Rights on Feb 26th, #HouRs365‏

Spread the word about the National Day of Action for Human Rights and Commemoration of Trayvon Martin on February 26, 2014!

People around the country are joining together on the 26th and throughout the year to proclaim our human rights to our local, state and federal governments. We want everyone to know that human rights cover civil, political, economic, social, cultural rights. They are a full system that is interdependent--not independent. We, social justice, civil rights, civil liberties, and other human rights advocates of all stripes, are dominating social media platforms to ensure the dignity of every person in the U.S. and to hold our government accountable for protecting and fulfilling our human rights.

The upcoming United States review before the UN Human Rights Committee which monitors compliance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) is our launch for a year of human rights action. In acknowledgment of the grave injustice in the killing of Trayvon Martin, we commemorate this day and send this letter as a plea for all of us to act with a shared vision of justice. We act to demand our guaranteed rights under human rights laws. We act to preserve and reclaim those rights denied to Trayvon and his family--our rights to life, non-discrimination, self-determination, family, a fair trial, and many more. And we will hold our government accountable for those obligations it agreed to uphold under the ICCPR.

This March when the U.S. Government is questioned before a United Nations committee, the central question will be: Is the United States protecting and fulfilling our civil and political rights? The February 26th National Day of Action is the next phase in a movement to put pressure on our federal, state and local governments to respect and protect human dignity and freedom and to provide fair and just remedies when they are violated. So we call on you to take action and highlight stories of all human rights violations that demand accountability and redress through Twitter, Facebook, marches, letters or whatever inspires you to build a unified movement for human rights.

Be a movement builder on February 26th, stand for human rights and insist on nothing less!


AT 12 PM wherever you are in the U.S., take to social media:
Twitter (sample tweets will be provided):
  • Tag us @USHRN & the U.S. State Department @StateDept, and any other government official or agency related to your issue (see attached list).
  • Use hashtags: #movementbuilder, #ICCPR, #UShumanrights, #Trayvon, #hours365, #AccountabilityUS
  • Change your Facebook banner to promote this campaign and your activism (banner will be provided)—keep it up as long as you like!
  • Wear Human Rights orange & post a picture of yourself taking action to the USHRN Facebook page.       
  • Wear human rights orange & post a picture of yourself taking action to the USHRN page.
  • Host an event, such as a rally, a Honk N’ Wave, or a public forum. Click for a list of events ideas. Email us at to let us know what you are planning. Use the subject “Day of Action Event.” We’ll promote it on our USHRN events calendar. And post your pictures on social media on Feb. 26th.
  • Send a letter to your representatives, educating them about human rights under the ICCPRUse the following template. Be sure to invite them out to your event, too.
  • Join a webinar on how to use social media on February 20th, and learn how to take your action to the next level. Register Now!
  • Promote this event! Share this message with your network and post on your website and social media accounts.

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