Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Signatures needed to stop TPP

Last month, we essentially defeated the first attempt by Congress to “Fast Track” the Internet-killing Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement. The Camp-Baucus Fast Track bill isn’t going anywhere, thanks to massive grassroots resistance led by FFTF members like you.

But we’re not safe yet. Senator Ron Wyden is the new Finance Committee Chair and he’s deciding right now whether to introduce a new “better” version of Fast Track that could still sneak the TPP through congress without meaningful debate or amendments.

Tell Senator Wyden: Fast Track is obsolete technology that undermines transparency and democracy.

To make sure that Wyden gets the message that Fast Track is outdated and inappropriate for making decisions that affect the future of the Internet, we’ll be pasting your signatures onto old-school floppy disks, and delivering them to Wyden’s offices in Oregon along with Citizens Trade Campaign and other groups.

Senator Wyden has been a champion for Internet freedom in the past. He stood with us against SOPA and asked the NSA the toughest questions. We’re winning the fight against Fast Track and we’re on the offensive now. If we can remind Wyden of his pro-Internet values and get him on the record against Fast Track, we'll be close to a total victory against the TPP’s backdoor internet censorship deal.

Click here to send Senator Wyden a floppy disk. You might just save the Internet.

We’re ramping up our efforts against Fast Track in the coming months. Stay tuned for more.

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