Monday, February 10, 2014

New campaign by Washington Redskins

EXCLUSIVE: NEW CAMPAIGN BY WASHINGTON REDSKINS - Release, out later today, announcing Community Voices: "[W]e have received hundreds of letters, calls and emails from self-identified Native Americans in support of the name 'Washington Redskins.' ... It is essential for Redskins Nation to know what the majority of Native Americans really think - in their own words - and why it is so important that we listen to their voices on this issue. We should not turn our back on these Native Americans. Their voices deserve to be heard. We want Redskins Nation and the sports world to know what many Native Americans really think and why our name is their source of pride.

"The following statements were received as emails to Dan Snyder in an unprompted response to the letter ... last fall about the team's name. More than 7,000 letters and emails were received in favor of the team's name, including almost 200 from people who identified themselves as Native Americans or as family members of Native Americans. Seven letters were received from Native Americans opposed to the team name." See the quotes.

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