Monday, February 24, 2014

Canadian government under fire for “distorting” history of aboriginals (Video)

No where in Canadian history books, in primary schooling, or secondary schooling will you find the truth about Aboriginals and what happened as a result of the Europeans.

Aboriginals in Quebec plan to change that and are demanding that the government correct history. A petition was launched in March calling for the Quebec government to require that all Canadians in secondary school be taught the history of the aboriginal people and that it be mandatory and not elective.

This week Montreal will play host to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The commission takes record and allows aboriginals to tell their stories about Indian Residential Schools set up by the Canadian Government, and the impact it had on aboriginal children. More than 150,0000 first nations were taken from their families and placed in these schools, many suffering from emotional, physical and sexual abuse, overcrowding, unhealthy eating and poor sanitation.

In November 2010 Canada officially endorsed the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People. It acknowledges collective rights of indigenous peoples, as well as their rights to culture, identity, language, employment, health, education and other issues, but many aboriginals say that it is simply the first step and injustice continues but its' time to educate non-natives and that should be done by natives.

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