Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bribri, Un Matriarcado Moderno: Costa Rica's Living Matriarchy

As far as the new and diverse waves of feminism go, the women in Latin America seem to be consistently defining and carving out a more holistic, community-centered approach in the veritably broad spectrum of feminist ideology that exists today. Many Indigenous Women in Latin America have described not identifying with the individualist models of ‘feminismo’, as are often conceived in the United States and innocently enough proselyted abroad. The new wave of feminism that is being led by las mujeres de América Latina (the women of Latin America) is community focused. It’s not about proving what one woman can do on her own, or proving that she can succeed as a man in a ‘man’s world’. It is by exceedingly stark contrast about proving what one can do for the greater community, and perhaps as the scope naturally broadens, what one can do for the world.


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