Tuesday, February 25, 2014

577 Billion Ways Extreme Weather and Extreme Energy Are Connected

Can we really expect to emit 577 billion tons of CO2 and not cause major problems for the earth's climate? That is the amount of CO2 humans have put into the earth's delicately balanced atmosphere since the dawn of the industrial age. It has warmed the earth in ways that has increased moisture in the air and raised sea levels. The connection between CO2 emissions and extreme weather is today indisputable.

Extreme weather events (EWEs) are linked to emissions levels, which are being driven upward by extreme energy. Tar sands oil, shale gas, and other `unconventional' fossil fuels are more polluting than conventional fossil fuels.  Together, these fuels continue to meet the bulk of the worlds growing energy demand. Yes, renewable energy is growing too - but it is not displacing fossil-based power. Levels of coal, oil and gas consumption are rising globally. Coal use has risen a staggering 60% since year 2000, according to the International Energy Agency. If present trends continue, the world is looking at somewhere between 3.7 and 4 degrees Celsius of global warming by year 2100.

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