Saturday, December 28, 2013

CENSORED NEWS: In Memory Carter Camp, Ponca

CENSORED NEWS: In Memory Carter Camp, Ponca: Carter Camp on far right at Wounded Knee March 1973. In Memory of Carter Camp, Ponca Carter Camp on far left. Photo Brenda N...

Warrior Carter Camp, Ponca, has passed over.  A Wounded Knee veteran and long-time advocate for Indigenous rights, Camp was a prominent interviewee in "We Shall Remain" (PBS), Episode 5.  View at

Carter Camp was one of the original AIM (American Indian Movement) organizers. In 1973 he was directly in charge of the military action group that went in advance of the main group to take over Wounded Knee.  He and his group took 11 hostages, safely and most were released. They held Wounded Knee for 71 days and brought much needed attention to the horrible police state that the reservation was trying to survive under. Not only that but attention was brought to other Indian issues that were consistently being ignored by the government.  AIM helped bring more Indian issues into national and international news coverage.  Since then Carter has continued his Indian activism by organizing various groups like the one trying to protect the sacred Bear Butte from development.

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