Friday, December 27, 2013

Bolivia’s Indigenous Future: A Balance of Preservation, Protection and Connection

Evo Morales by Leonard Peltier
Evo Morales, Indigenous Current President of Bolivia (Photo Credit: Joel Alvarez) Evo Morales’s very name seems to suggest his destiny of leading Bolivia in a valiant attempt at ‘moral evolution’ with all other Nation States in tow. Tasked with the difficult role of representing his Indigenous roots at the national and international levels of government and policy, Morales continues to make great strides that by all appearances bridge the dichotomy of tradition and modernity. Recent evolutions in Bolivian national policy regarding the protection and preservation of indigenous cultures continue to gain legal traction. Simultaneously, more Bolivians than ever before are poised to claim their rightful place in the interconnected web that is the information age. 


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