Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Merle St. Claire: Turtle Mountain takes a stand on racism

Merle St. Claire: Turtle Mountain takes a stand on racism
Monday, April 25, 2011

"It’s “the Fighting Sioux fighting the Fighting Chippewa,” or at least that was the implication of the recent story on the Herald’s front page.

Once again, this is evolving into an issue of two tribes pitted against each other. This instead should be a story of all North Dakota tribes uniting together against the stereotyping of American Indian people and their culture.

Unfortunately, it is not going in that positive direction in some circles, judging by comments in the Herald made by Frank Black Cloud of the Spirit Lake Sioux Tribe. Contrary to Black Cloud’s statements, we are not envious of UND’s choosing our neighboring tribes for the university sports teams’ name and logo.

As the tribal chairman of a North Dakota tribe, I recently signed a tribal resolution supporting the NCAA ban on Indian nicknames, mascots and logos. We are not without our own Fighting Sioux supporters on the reservation, but as a whole, this tribe has taken a stand against a practice that breeds racism and tribal division."

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