Monday, December 27, 2010

27 Dec 2010: Today's Democracy Now!

The Show Must Go On: As Monster Snowstorm Blankets East Coast, Democracy Now! Crew Shares Tales of "Thundersnow"

A fierce winter storm has dumped over a foot of snow in areas along the East Coast from the Carolinas to Maine. In New York City, 20 inches of snow covered the streets with snowdrifts four feet high. The subway system was badly crippled. To make it in for the 8am broadcast, the Democracy Now! team had a challenging morning commute. Some donned ski gear and trudged through thigh-high snow to walk over bridges to Manhattan, some rose with the sun to find a working subway and some even hitchhiked.
As Thousands Flee Ivory Coast, Former Clinton Adviser Lanny Davis is Paid Lobbyist for President Who Refuses to Cede Power

A general strike has been called for in the Ivory Coast today to force incumbent president Laurent Gbagbo to cede power. Gbagbo has refused to step aside following the disputed presidential election last month. Opposition leader Alassane Ouattara has been widely recognized as the winner of the vote. Meanwhile, the president of ECOWAS threatened that the West African bloc may use force to remove Gbago from power. We speak with Syracuse University professor, Horace Campbell.
From the Pentagon to the Private Sector: Boston Globe Analysis Finds Large Numbers of Retiring Generals Entering Defense Industry

A new investigation by the Boston Globe find that retiring generals are leaving the military in large numbers to take lucrative jobs in the defense industry with little concern for any conflicts of interest. We speak with Bryan Bender, national security reporter for the Globe.


•Extreme Winter Storm Hits U.S. East Coast
•45 Killed in Bombing at WFP Site in Pakistan
•Afghan Civilian Casualties Up 20%
•Investigators: Involvement of Companies Undermining Oil Spill Probe
•Report: All of Rig’s Defense Systems Failed During Explosion
•Cables: Panamanian President Asked DEA to Help Spy on Opponents
•WikiLeaks Founder Assange to Write Autobiography
•Dozens Protest Restrictions, Wall in West Bank
•Thousands Greet Return of Flotilla Ship in Turkey
•Bolivia Recognizes Independent Palestinian State
•FCC Chair Issues Draft Approval for Comcast-NBC Universal Merger
•Kissinger in 1973: Gassing of Soviet Jewry "Not a U.S. Concern"
•Senate Confirms Prison Industry-Tied Marshals Nominee
•ACLU Added to Tennessee Anti-Terrorism List for Urging Religious Inclusion

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