Wednesday, December 1, 2010

01 Dec 2010: Today's Democracy Now!

WikiLeaks Cables Reveal U.S. Tried to Thwart Spanish Probes of Gitmo Torture and CIA Rendition
The latest disclosures from the massive trove of diplomatic cables published by WikiLeaks reveal U.S. officials tried to influence Spanish prosecutors and government officials to drop court investigations into torture at Guantánamo Bay and CIA extraordinary rendition flights. We speak to Scott Horton, an attorney specializing in international law and human rights and a contributing editor of Harper’s Magazine. [includes rush transcript]

Leaked Cables Reveal U.S. Pressured Spain to Drop Case of Cameraman Killed in 2003 Attack on Journalists in Baghdad
Leaked U.S. embassy cables from Madrid reveal the United States pressured the Spanish government to close a court case brought by the family of a Spanish cameraman, José Couso. Couso was killed in Baghdad when a U.S. Army tank fired on the Palestine Hotel, which was filled with journalists, on April 8, 2003. Three U.S. soldiers have been indicted in Spanish court for Couso’s death. "I am outraged," says Javier Couso, the brother of José Couso. "I can’t believe my government conspired with a foreign government… It seems we are citizens, or at least a small province, of the empire of the United States." [includes rush transcript]

As GOP Appears to Win Extension of Bush-Era Tax Cuts for Wealthy, Rev. Jesse Jackson Calls for "War on Poverty"
The Senate has failed to advance a bill that would have extended the deadline to file for federal unemployment insurance through next year. This leaves some two million unemployed Americans without jobless benefits after this month. The White House, meanwhile, has signaled it’s willing to compromise on Republican demands to preserve the Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. We speak to the Reverend Jesse Jackson, who says describes our current moment as one of "exceptional poverty" and is calling on President Obama to hold a bipartisan meeting on hunger and poverty. [includes rush transcript]


•Cables: U.S. Tried to Thwart Spanish Probes; U.K. Assured Bush Admin over Iraq Inquiry
•Interpol Issues Arrest Warrant for WikiLeaks Founder
•Huckabee Calls for Execution of Alleged Leaker
•Senate Approves Food Safety Bill
•Pentagon: No Harm to Military in Repealing "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell"
•House Approves Settlements for Black and Native American Farmers
•Obama Hosts GOP Leaders as Jobless Benefits Begin to Expire
•Deficit Panel Delays Vote on Recommendations
•Climate Delegates Differ on Kyoto Extension, Compliance Monitoring
•Thousands Attend Climate Protest in Mexico City
•Pakistani Sends Legal Notice to CIA over Drone Attacks
•British Students Protest Education Cuts, Fee Hikes
•Probe: SEC Was Lenient on Bank of America

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