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Take these 6 actions to stop FBI repression

Take these 6 actions to stop FBI repression

1. Monday, October 4 – National Call in Day
Eric Holder, U.S. Attorney General: 202-353-1555
President Obama: 202-456-1111
Demand :
**End repression of anti-war and international solidarity activists!
**Return all materials seized in the raid!
**Stop the Grand Jury Subpoenas of activists!

2. Tuesday, October 5 – Protest
4:30 p.m.
Outside FBI headquarters
111 Washington Ave S
(Corner of Marquette and Washington Aves)

3. Sign the online petition:

5. Download this leaflet and help get the story out!

6. For more info and to read solidarity statements from around the world:
Committee To Stop FBI Repression: Email:

Many members of groups belonging to the Minnesota Coalition for a People's Bailout were targeted by the FBI.

Thousands have come together in response to the FBI raids on seven homes and an anti-war office on Friday, September 24, 2010. Across the country organizations and individuals are standing together to protest the United States government’s attempt to silence and criminalize anti-war and international solidarity activists.

Jess Sundin said, “These raids and subpoenas are an attack on anti-war and other progressive movements. It is an attack on our freedom to speak, our freedom to assemble with like-minded people, and our freedom to tell the government that their actions and policies are wrong. It is an attempt to clear the way for more wars and occupations of other countries by the U.S. military.”

Protests against the intimidation and harassment have taken place or are planned for 39 cities across the country. From Minneapolis and Chicago, to Los Angeles, Atlanta, Kalamazoo, MI and Dallas, Texas. The response has been tremendous an continues to grow.

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Denounce FBI Raids, Grand Jury Repression
Posted on October 1, 2010 by Committee to Stop FBI Repression

By Sara Flounders

Anti-war, anti-racist and left political activists in the United States have responded with unprecedented energy and outrage against nationally coordinated FBI raids on the homes of well-respected political organizers. Within 72 hours of the Sept. 24 raids, protest demonstrations were held or scheduled in 32 cities across the country.

Activists have established a Committee to Stop FBI Repression to coordinate the opposition to the FBI attacks. Dozens of organizations, local, regional and national, have condemned the FBI raids, including the San Francisco Labor Council.

This latest instance of state repression began early Sept. 24 as FBI agents armed with grand jury subpoenas raided the homes of several anti-war and social justice activists in Minnesota, Michigan and Illinois.

Organizers believe the Oct. 5, 7, 12 and 19 grand jury subpoena dates will become dates to mobilize the entire progressive political movement. They expect the demand to stop the subpoenas and “No to the grand jury investigation” to become slogans of a national movement that can stop this dangerous precedent.

That same day FBI agents “visited” activists’ homes in California, Milwaukee, Michigan and North Carolina demanding immediate cooperation. When activists refused to speak with them, the FBI threatened to talk to employers and landlords, and also subpoena the activists.

The targets of this “raid against terrorism” included leaders of the Minneapolis Antiwar Committee, whose office was raided; the Palestine Solidarity Group; the Colombia Action Network; the National Committee to Free Ricardo Palmera (a Colombian political prisoner held in the U.S.); Students for a Democratic Society; and the Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

Though their homes and lives had just been turned upside down, all those targeted had a calm and determined response. They refused to speak to the FBI. Faced with spurious charges of providing material aid to “terrorists,” they reaffirmed their right to organize opposition to U.S. wars and to build solidarity with the struggles of people around the world who are resisting occupation and dictatorship.

These organizers’ reactions helped to mobilize a strong response to these police tactics intended to intimidate and demoralize the movement. Even as the FBI was seizing computers, files, cameras, passports, e-mails and mailing lists, neighbors came out in support while others came to film. Scanned copies of the search warrants and subpoenas were soon available on IndyMedia sites and videos of the raid were posted on YouTube.

Hundreds came to an emergency rally in Minneapolis that same evening, and supporters held press conferences the following day in Minneapolis, Milwaukee and Chicago.

Who should resist this attack?

The rapid and broad response from the progressive movement shows that many are aware of the need to join the resistance. Even a quick scan of the sweeping nature of the search warrant and the subpoena clearly shows that any opponent of U.S. wars should join the protests. This includes those organizations and individuals who participated in or supported a convoy or flotilla or a solidarity delegation to besieged and blocked Gaza, or a delegation to blockaded Cuba, or those who attended a conference or meeting with international representatives of peoples’ movements throughout Latin America.

The FBI confiscated all paper circulation lists, e-mail lists, cell phones and electronic equipment. The broadest movement should resist this attempt to shut down the ability and means to communicate.

The subpoenas to appear before a grand jury demand all items, all correspondence, all documents and all phone records related to so-called “foreign terrorist organizations, including FARC of Colombia, PFLP of Palestine and Hezbollah in Lebanon, all pictures, videos and travel documents to Colombia, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Palestine.”

A united fightback can stop this effort to shut down the movement that is sweeping U.S. college campuses today to boycott, divest and sanction Israel and build solidarity with Palestine, and the movement in solidarity with the political change sweeping Latin America.

It is encouraging that all the major anti-war coalitions have joined to oppose these FBI attacks. Now, as opposition grows to the protracted wars in Iraq and Afghanistan — wars that have provoked dissention within the ruling political and military bodies because U.S. imperialism is facing a debacle — the government moves to wall off people in the U.S. from any knowledge, information or exchanges with people of the world. The movement is saying it won’t let this happen.

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