Monday, October 18, 2010

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Cobell calls $3.5B settlement 'best we're going to get' in case (10/18)
Mary Pember: Native women and girls lured by sex traffickers (10/18)
Caleen Sisk-Franco: Leave river the way the Creator intended (10/18)
Anthony Brandenburg: More on alternative dispute resolution (10/18)
Marc Simmons: Sandia Pueblo's long story marred by violence (10/18)
CNC: Tribes press Obama to sign indigenous rights declaration (10/18)
Editorial: Wampanoag woman pursues gift of Native language (10/18)
Opinion: Support Alaska Native corporation's wind energy plan (10/18)
Book Review: 'Yellow Dirt' a disturbing look at Navajo uranium (10/18)
Letter: Fighting Sioux nickname a tribute to 'proud tribesmen' (10/18)
Lawmakers back Seneca Nation in feud over gaming revenues (10/18)
Shinnecock Nation still working with backers of recognition bid (10/18)
Pechanga Band won't allow process server on the reservation (10/18)
Opinion: Business community supports Guidiville Band casino (10/18)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux elder shares traditions at school (10/15)
Judge hopes for 'one last chance' for Congress to support Cobell (10/15)
Manuel Cristobal: Hearing voices of Pueblo tribes in New Mexico (10/15)
Reports: Fatal shooting of Native woodcarver ruled not justified (10/15)
Criminal probe for death of Native man in hospital waiting room (10/15)
Oneida Nation hopes to negotiate tobacco taxes with New York (10/15)
Judge extends temporary restraining order for Seneca tobacco (10/15)
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