Sunday, October 17, 2010

Last Week from Indian Country Today

NY governor candidates promise ongoing tobacco tax war – and more
ALBANY, N.Y. – Both candidates for New York governor have already managed to offend two of the state’s most successful American Indian nations and, adding insult to injury, their messages emerged on Columbus Day.


•Red Power activist Madonna Thunder Hawk going strong at 70
•Indian vets score a win in Congress
•More improvements coming for Kern Valley allotment
•EPA tells town on Wind River Indian Reservation: Don’t drink the water
•National Guard wants Native recruits
•Native astronaut reflects on career
•Anti-uranium Navajo residents petition high court
•Symposium and BIA consultation scheduled on Tribal Law & Order Act
•State Department’s human rights report falls short
•New England Gaming Summit debuts
•Feinstein’s ‘Carcieri fix’ would ‘devastate’ trust land for gaming
•It’s official: Shinnecock Nation is 565th federally acknowledged tribe
•Cherokee chief opens Highland Games in Scotland
•Former tribal chairman sways judge
•Plans to haul big oil refinery loads spark battle
•Operations Analysis: The Battle of Fall River
•Series of puwalus look toward improving fishing
•Ariz. rep seeks to spur growth on tribal land
•Guilty plea in artifact sale
•Life sentence remains unchanged
•Jessie Little Doe Baird honored with $500,000 Genius Grant
•Court denies Onondaga land rights lawsuit
•Cobell stalled in Senate
•Four Directions Community Center extends its reach
•Power plants’ effects targeted


Cristobal: Amid celebration, remember pueblo survival

"Ammu Hanu,” she starts by speaking, with sorrow as old as war, “warriors, women and children were massacred and died here.”

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