Sunday, October 3, 2010

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Shinnecock federal acknowledgement upheld
Requests from the Connecticut Coalition for Gaming Jobs and the Montauk Tribe of Long Island to reconsider the Shinnecock Indian Tribe’s federal acknowledgement have been dismissed by the Interior Board of Indian Appeals on the ground that neither group has standing to bring such a request.

Dorgan ready to issue IHS subpoenas
WASHINGTON – The chairman of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs has offered his harshest rebuke yet against IHS officials over the way they have responded to a congressional investigation of alleged misdeeds at some of the federal agency’s regional offices.


•Life sentence remains unchanged
•Four Directions Community Center extends its reach
•Power plants’ effects targeted
•Dorgan ready to issue IHS subpoenas
•Traditional teachings help heal historical traumas, bring balance
•Convention comes at a pivotal time for Hawaiians
•Pipeline creates tribal dissent
•Law gives tribe hope for recognition
•Navajo group seeks court intervention
•Justice Department debuts streamlined tribal grants
•Lights back on for tribal energy prospects
•IRS considers removing restrictive tribal tax code
•Diane Benson makes a run for state office in Alaska
•Black farmers turn away from Cobell, senators respond
•Close elections in Washington state
•Appeals court rules tribe can’t join poultry suit
•Recovery Act project improves crime data reporting and access to law enforcement in Indian country
•Cooperation leads to seizure of marijuana crop on trust land
•Ariz. city files suit to block planned casino
•Authenticity is art show’s intent
•Card room organizers indicted on gambling violations
•‘Far-talking’ broadband network to reach rural Indian country
•One of original Navajo Code Talkers dies in Ariz.
•Honoring the steps of a man
•‘I’ll be the judge of that’


Roubideaux: IHS reform and the Aberdeen investigation

On Sept. 28, the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs held a hearing on the serious management issues within the Aberdeen Area Indian Health Service. As a member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, I am acutely aware of the longstanding problems and challenges within the Aberdeen Area, including insufficient accountability with respect to performance and financial management; the difficulties of providing care in rural, remote and impoverished communities; and limited resources to address the problem. I have witnessed these problems firsthand, and see the consequences for Indian people.

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