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Join us for a Hearing on Racism and Police Violence

Join us for a Hearing on Racism and Police Violence

January 2011

Come share Testimony and Demand Accountability on the Issues of Racist Law Enforcement and Police Suppression of Civil Liberties. Testimony will include witnesses to police killings across the country and experts on the impact of racial profiling and mass incarcerations.

Sponsored By:

· Mieklejohn Civil Liberties Institute
· Malcolm X Grassroots Movement
· New Years Movement
· East Side Arts Alliance
· Onyx
· Collision Course Video
· National Lawyers Guild
· Hard Knock Radio
· US Human Rights Network

The testimony from this Hearing on Racism and Police Violence will be recorded for use in local, national, and international legal processes. Under international law, police forces are prohibited from committing “extrajudicial killings” (killings without any legal process). The United States government is required to enforce civil and human rights and prevent racist police conduct.

The Oscar Grant murder is but one example of police violence and extrajudicial killing, and we need to collect, document and share these abuses in order to hold the government accountable. The record of this hearing will be used to appeal to the United Nations to pressure the Department of Justice to take comprehensive action against racial profiling and police violence in accordance with the human rights obligations of the United States government under the Convention to Eliminate all forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD), and other international treaties.

CALL FOR WITNESSES. We encourage participants to submit written testimony, video testimony, or live testimony at the hearing. Testimony, ideas, and offers of support can be sent to or 499 14th Street, Suite 220, Oakland, CA 94612. For more information contact Sanyika Bryant at (510) 485-3125 or Michael Siegel at (510) 289-3318. Visit the National Alliance for Racial Justice and Human Rights website at

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