Saturday, September 18, 2010

Update on Francisco (Cisco) Torres of the SF8

A brief court appearance today for the last of the San Francisco 8 defendants, Francisco (Cisco) Torres, turned out to be not so routine.

Cisco's attorney, Chuck Bourdon, with attorney Rai Sue Sussman, filed a motion for an evidentiary hearing to be held before the ever-receding Preliminary Hearing on the one remaining charge (murder). The evidentiary hearing for which they are calling is to examine the existence of possible wiretap evidence from 1971 which may have been "lost," hidden, or destroyed. While the prosecution has denied that such wiretap evidence exists, a retired San Francisco police officer has claimed knowledge of them (in a vile rant against the memory of the late Marilyn Buck, along with a threat to disrupt her upcoming memorial).

There was a large and moving show of solidarity from supporters in the courtroom and hallways. Cisco sent his appreciation.

Come to court October 13 at 9:30, Department 9 at which time dates will be set for hearings on the motion to dismiss charges due to prejudicial delay. Representing our continuing support is crucial, even at these "routine" court appearances -- and sometimes we are witness to something completely unexpected.

Please support these brothers by sending a donation. Make checks payable to PDF/Committee for the Defense of Human Rights and mail to the address below or donate on line:

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