Saturday, September 11, 2010

SF8 Update

There will be a brief hearing for Francisco Torres on Friday, September 17 at 9am at 850 Bryant St., San Francisco.

Atty Gen. Jerry Brown and the state of California have spent more than 2 million dollars to prosecute this 39 year old case based on torture. Over the past four years, broad and powerful support for the SF 8 has resulted in charges being totally dropped for Ray Boudreaux, Richard Brown, Richard O'Neal, Hank Jones and Harold Taylor. Jalil Muntaqim and Herman Bell received no additional time to their sentences.

But the government has refused to end this case, clinging to the prosecution of Cisco Torres, who consistently maintains his innocence.

As the last chapter of this case drags on, the government is counting on our diminished support, so that they can proceed with a cloak of invisibility. We cannot let this happen.

The hearing on September 17th will be brief, but it is critical to come to court and to demonstrate that our support for the SF 8 continues, that we are still here, and that we demand that the last charges be dropped against Cisco Torres.

Judy Siff

DROP THE CHARGES ON THE SF 8 - Dismiss the case against Cisco Torres


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