Tuesday, September 14, 2010

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Colorado River Indian Tribes evict non-Indian at recreation area (9/14)
BLM extends comment period on Agua Caliente Band land swap (9/14)
Pottery that was being repatriated to Caddo Nation still missing (9/14)
Editorial: Clock ticking on Lumbee Tribe's federal recognition bill (9/14)
Groups worried about air quality and Enterprise Rancheria casino (9/14)
Tim Giago: There are still active missile silos on Highway 71 South (9/13)
Mark Trahant: Shrinking government and Indian health spending (9/13)
Elouise Cobell: Sen. Barrasso needs to work for trust settlement (9/13)
Obama calls trust fund settlement 'priority' at press conference (9/13)
Echo Hawk affirms UKB's right to follow land-into-trust process (9/13)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee hosts field hearing on schools (9/13)
Interview: Dorgan 'enormously proud' of Indian health, law bills (9/13)
Update: Jodi Gillette discusses FY 2011 budget at tribal summit (9/13)
Paper looks into botched Apache reservation rape investigation (9/13)
California sheriffs dispute provision in Tribal Law and Order Act (9/13)
Lac Vieux Desert council members out of jail after court ruling (9/13)
Judge dismisses fishing citations against Alaska Native group (9/13)
Penobscot Nation chief and vice chief win reelection campaign (9/13)
Lumbee Tribe lobbies for recognition with Congress back in DC (9/13)
Public school on Navajo Nation closes amid arson investigation (9/13)
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