Friday, September 10, 2010

News from Indianz.Com

Witness list for Senate Indian Affairs field hearing on BIE schools (9/10)

Gabe Galanda: Working to defend Indian inmates' religious rights (9/10)

Billy Frank: On the road to a successful recovery of tribal salmon (9/10)

Editorial: Officer shooting of Native man threatens public's trust (9/10)

Couple sentenced over hate crime attack on Alaska Native man (9/10)

Social networking site '' aims to keep Natives connected (9/10)

Lac Vieux Desert council members remain in jail over contempt (9/10)

Five members of Hopi Tribe charged for collecting golden eagles (9/10)

Crow Tribe seeks removal of IHS doctor who has criminal record (9/10)

Eastern Shoshone Tribe votes against ban on alcohol possession (9/10)

Missouri school board upholds ban on award-winning Alexie book (9/10)

Enterprise Rancheria hoping for decision on casino by November (9/10)

Guidiville Band casino plan an issue in mayoral race in Richmond (9/10)

Morongo Band cites more support for Internet poker in California (9/10)

Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux elders seek news coverage on KILI (9/9)

Native Sun News: Date for Crazy Horse's death an issue of debate (9/9)

White House promises budget boost for health, law enforcement (9/9)

Police promise better outreach after fatal shooting of Native man (9/9)

State authorities looking into charges for sex abuse of Native girl (9/9)

Montana and Wyoming tribes host first summit to discuss cancer (9/9)

ColorLines: Tribal Law and Order Act might not be enough reform (9/9)

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