Tuesday, September 28, 2010

28 Sep 2010: Today's Democracy Now!


Freed American Hiker Sarah Shourd Reflects on 14 Months in Iranian Prison and Calls on Iran to Release Her Two Friends
In July of 2009, Sarah Shourd and her now-fiancé Shane Bauer and their friend Joshua Fattal were detained and jailed in Iran after being arrested near the Iran-Iraq border while they were on a hiking trip. Earlier this month, Shourd was released on "humanitarian grounds" on $500,000 bail, but Iran is continuing to hold Bauer and Fattal. Sarah Shourd joins us today to discuss her time in solitary confinement, her political activism, how they were detained, her engagement to Bauer, and why she opposes a US attack on Iran. "I would really like to thank people and ask them to now slow down, to not to wait—put my freedom on pause and wait with me, so that we can all enjoy it together once Shane and Josh are with us," Shourd said. [includes rush transcript]

Appalachia Rising: 100 Arrested at White House Calling for End to Mountaintop Coal Removal
Over 100 people were arrested outside the White House on Monday in a protest calling for the abolition of mountaintop removal coal mining. The rally was part of Appalachia Rising, a multi-day event organized by residents of Appalachian communities impacted by mountaintop removal. The protesters were detained after refusing to leave the sidewalk outside the White House fence. The NASA climatologist James Hansen was among those arrested. We speak to journalist and cultural historian Jeff Biggers. [includes rush transcript]

As Settlement Construction Begins Again in the West Bank, Israel Blocks Jewish Activists on Aid Boat Headed to Gaza
Israeli commandos have boarded and seized a Gaza-bound aid ship of Jewish activists just miles off the Gaza coast. The activists were attempting to deliver a symbolic load of medicine, a water-purifying kit and other humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip. The Jewish Boat to Gaza was the latest attempt to break the blockade since Israel’s deadly attack on an aid flotilla in May. In the West Bank, Jewish settlers resumed building settlements on Monday one day after Israel refused to extend its partial freeze on settlement expansion. [includes rush transcript]


•CIA Drastically Increases Drone Campaign in Pakistan
•US Attack Helicopters Strike Inside Pakistan
•Video: US Soldier Confesses to Role in Killing Afghan Civilian
•Israeli Commandos Block Gaza-Bound Aid Ship
•Income Gap Between Richest and Poorest Widens to New Record
•White House Seeks Greater Power to Wiretap Online Communications
•Hundreds Protest FBI Raids in Chicago and Minneapolis
•Hugo Chávez’s Party Retains Control of Venezuelan Parliament
•Opposition Colombia Senator Removed from Office
•Mistrial Declared in Blackwater Murder Case
•Report: WikiLeaks Staffers Quit in Dispute
•Arizona Protester Tackled by Sen. McCain’s Security Team


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