Sunday, August 15, 2010

ONA MOVE Communique: Parole


August 8, 2010 marks thirty-two years of unjust imprisonment for the MOVE 9. Each of the MOVE 9 was sentenced to 30 to 100 years for a murder they did not commit. After serving their 30 year minimum sentence in 2008, our family members were interviewed by the parole board, denied parole and each given a 1 year setback. This means that they would not see the parole board again for 1 year. Our family saw the parole board again in 2009 and they each got another 1 year setback except Eddie, who received a 2 year setback for no apparent reason. This year, 2010, five MOVE family members have had their parole board interviews and have again been denied parole. Debbie Africa got a 1 year setback; Janine Africa got a 2 year setback; Janet Africa got a 3 year setback; Mike Africa got an 18 month setback and Delbert Africa got a 1year setback (Chuck and Phil see the parole board later this year and Eddie doesn’t see the parole board until next year). Before speaking to the issue of parole, it should be clearly understood that our MOVE family is innocent and have spent 32 years in prison when they should never have gone to prison in the first place. What the parole board needs to explain is how they can increase these setbacks (for example, from 1 year to three years) with no legitimate cause. Absolutely nothing changed between the first setback and this third one. There have been no misconducts, no fights, no withdrawal of prison recommendations for parole, nothing. The parole board cannot explain these setbacks, the parole board also cannot explain giving Janet Africa a 3 year setback when there was never any evidence that Janet or any of the MOVE women did anything on Aug. 8th except hold babies, while giving Delbert Africa a 1 year setback when cops beat Delbert almost to death on Aug. 8th implying that he was threatening. This is a clear example of the parole board carrying on the railroad of our family that started back in 1978. The parole board denied The MOVE 9 parole three times because they won’t lie and say they’re guilty, they call it “taking responsibility”. In the mid eighties through the early nineties, the parole board refused to parole MOVE people if we wouldn’t agree to their “special condition” that we sever all ties with our MOVE family and have no contact with them at all. We would not agree, we stood firm and it is the parole board that had to give ground. That “special condition” was an illegal attempt to break MOVE, the same applies to this demand that MOVE “take responsibility” for something we didn’t do and say we’re guilty. It is crystal clear that parole board officials have absolutely no interest in justice or their own legality, particularly when it comes to people like MOVE that refuse to accept injustice and confront these officials on their wrong-doing. What they’re doing to MOVE, and countless other prisoners, is contrary to their legality and the principle of justice. We will never stop fighting against wrong and confronting this rotten system, whether it’s on a prison block or a street block.

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ONA MOVE, Everybody! This won’t be long. The MOVE Organization feels compelled to take this opportunity to bring to people’s attention an article that appeared in the Saturday July 30, 2010 Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper. The article is about eleven cops charged with everything from stealing money, stealing drugs, dealing drugs, soliciting sex from female prisoners, soliciting sex from teenage boys and even murder. One cop shot himself and claimed that two Black men shot him. We are pointing this out to people because it is powerful ammunition to use against parole board members that refuse to parole innocent MOVE people from prison long after their thirty - year minimum. MOVE have never done any of the things these cops are charged with. We’ve never even been charged with most of these things yet our family is sitting in prison as if they are the criminals while these criminal cops are running ramped with badges and guns committing all kind of crime, and you have to know that these few that were caught are not the only ones involved in this criminal activity, they’re just the tip of the iceberg. Officials try to convince people that these cops are just a “few bad apples” but if that’s true then where are all the “good apples” when all this crime is going on, where are they? MOVE has been making it clear who the real criminals are ever since MOVE but officials want ignore this and treat us like we’re the criminals. Parole officials are demanding that our MOVE family lie and say they’re guilty of killing a cop in 1978 even though our family has been telling them that they’re innocent for thirty-two years now. We’re encouraging people that are writing and calling the parole board on behalf of the MOVE 9, or any other prisoners, to point these examples out to parole board members. Make them justify their position. It can also be pointed out that parole officials are keeping our family in prison under the guise of justice, implying that our family is guilty of murder and should be in prison but meanwhile when we filed criminal complaints for the district attorney’s office to prosecute the people that murdered our family in front of the world, district attorney Seth Williams refused and judge Frank Palumbo backed him up. Where’s the interest in justice in this case. Prosecutors fight to go to trial in cases where they have little to no evidence but in the case of the murder of my family where they have all the evidence in the world to support murder charges they’re fighting not to prosecute this case. When has any prosecutor fought not to prosecute a case, except when the criminal is rich or official. What makes cops lives more important than babie’s lives, or anybody else’s life? In 1978, one cop was killed and nine MOVE people went to prison for 30 – 100 years each. In 1985 eleven MOVE people and numerous animals were killed and not one single official went to prison, not one. It is becoming clearer and clearer that the parole board has no valid reason to deny our family parole. They are simply continuing the railroad and persecution of MOVE people that started in the early 1970’s when this government became aware of MOVE and realized that they couldn’t buy us off or brutalize us into submission, and it has continued until this very day. When Debbie Africa was interviewed, by Lloyd White of the parole board, he asked her about MOVE having a lot of dogs, as if she was sentenced to prison for having dogs. These people think they can play games with our family’s life but they’re wrong. We’re gonna expose them every time they try to play these games with us. The MOVE 9 should never have gone to prison yet they have been in prison 32 years for a crime they didn’t commit, a crime the government knows they didn’t commit. It’s long past time that they come home and that parole boards across the country understand clearly that people ain’t gonna stand for them playing these sadistic games with people’s lives.

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PA. Board Of Probation And Parole/ Central Office
Riverfront Office Center
1101 South Front Street
Harrisburg, PA. 17104
717 787-5699

Board Members
Catharine C. Mcvey/ Chairperson; Michael L. Green; Jeffrey R. Imboden; Matthew T. Mangino; Benjamin A. Martinez; Gerard N. Massaro; Michael M. Webster; Lloyd A. White

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