Saturday, July 24, 2010

This Week from Indian Country Today

Reid hammers Republicans on Cobell settlement stall
WASHINGTON – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., is unhappy with Republicans. It’s not exactly a new situation, but this time it’s over a proposed $3.4 billion settlement between the Obama administration and Indian individuals who have been bilked for ages by the federal government. Read more »


Four Native leaders running for office in Washington
Conn. land dug up for items from tribe-settler war
Vote on Native Hawaiian government may come soon
States, tribe testing for chronic wasting disease
2 plead guilty to theft from tribal loan program
Past and present military warriors honored
Fighting for the children
Are wild bison coming back to Montana?
Muscogee (Creek) tobacco arguments fail
Brenda Dardar-Robichaux: Finding her voice
Lawsuit alleges racist remarks
‘Custer’ responds to Veterans Administration powwow controversy
NCAI calls on UK to grant entry for World Championships
Fifth Circuit upholds religious rights of American Indian kindergartner
Lobby intensifies for Carcieri fix
Native voices heard at national language summit
Patterson pushes proactive measures
Drunk driver loses appeal after a high-speed fatal crash
Tribe reburies aboriginal warrior killed in 1800s
An Indian finds himself on the Emerald Isle
EPA gives approval of Kennecott discharge pipes
Northwest tribe revels in ‘Twilight’ spotlight
Seeking applications for Tribal Technology Leadership Award
First Native non-eagle feather repository established
Patricia Whitefoot named to National Advisory Council on Indian Education


Great Lakes


Deer: Who is the barbarian here?

The Iroquois, or the Haudenosaunee as we call ourselves, have been around for many centuries and were a developed federation of nations when the British arrived in North America. Without going into a long historical explanation at this time, we have resisted colonization up until today and will continue into the future. Read more »

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