Wednesday, July 14, 2010

14 Jul 2010: Today's Democracy Now!

In the Shadow of Ruins: Haitians Decry Conditions in Massive Tent City Across from Destroyed National Palace
Haiti is struggling to recover six months after the earthquake—one of the worst natural disasters in history. Up to 300,000 were killed, and more than 1.5 million were made homeless. We go inside the Camp de Mars tent camp across from the crushed national palace in Port-au-Prince to let the Haitians living there tell their stories. [includes rush transcript]

Land Ownership at the Crux of Haiti’s Stalled Reconstruction
Six months after the earthquake, many Haitians told us they have seen little in terms of recovery efforts despite the billions of dollars in aid pledged from around the world. At the heart of the matter is the issue of land ownership. We speak with journalist Kim Ives of Haiti Liberté. In his latest article, he writes the way the Interim Commission to Reconstruct Haiti is dealing with the issue of land "is the Haitian equivalent of the US bank bailout." [includes rush transcript]

Rape in the Camps: Lacking Security, Women Organize to Protect Themselves
Something that gets lost in all the coverage of the Haiti earthquake is how people on the ground organize in the face of adversity. Rape and violence against women has become increasingly widespread in the tent camps across Haiti. While Haitian police and UN forces have done little, women on the ground are organizing to protect themselves. We spoke with Malia Villard Appolon, coordinator of KOFAVIV, the committee of women for survival. [includes rush transcript]

"When Everybody Comes and Has a Solution for Haiti, It Only Creates a Problem"–Sister Mary Finnick on Recovery Efforts
Sister Mary Finnick, the director of Matthew 25 House in Port-au-Prince, is critical of the stalled recovery efforts in Haiti. "When everybody comes and has a solution for Haiti, it only creates a problem," Sister Mary says. "A lot of people are coming from the United States, but they’re doing the work the Haitian people should be doing. I would say, send the money you paid for your ticket to supplement a family so that the members could go to do the work you were going to do when you were here." [includes rush transcript]


Oil Gusher Continues as Containment Test Delayed
Senate to Vote on Financial Reform
Libyan Aid Ship Heads to Egypt After Being Blocked from Gaza Strip
Israel Resumes Demolitions of Palestinian Homes
Palestinian Woman Killed in Israeli Attack
Israeli Parliament Bars Travel for Arab Lawmaker
Afghan Soldier Kills 3 UK Troops
Iranian Scientist Claims US Kidnapping, Returns to Iran
Appeals Court Strikes Down FCC Indecency Rules
Six NOLA Officers Indicted for Danziger Bridge Shootings, Cover-up

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