Friday, July 9, 2010

09 Jul 2010: Today's Democracy Now!

Report: 27,000 Abandoned Wells Pose Threat to Gulf Coast
Concerns are being raised about the hazards posed by thousands of abandoned oil and gas wells throughout the Gulf Coast. An Associated Press investigation found more than 27,000 abandoned sites are in danger of leaking, with about 13 percent said to be particularly worrisome. Regulations forcing companies to plug the wells have been routinely ignored with no government intervention. We speak with Jeff Donn, the AP reporter who broke the story.[includes rush transcript]

ProPublica: BP Texas Refinery Had Huge Toxic Release Just Before Gulf Blowout
Just over three months ago, thousands of pounds of toxic chemicals begin spewing into the skies from BP’s massive oil refinery in Texas City. The release began on April 6, two weeks before the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, but it took BP weeks to even realize there was a problem. BP now estimates 538,000 pounds of chemicals escaped from the refinery over a 40-day period. We speak with reporter Ryan Knutson of ProPublica and Frontline who traveled to Texas City to investigate what happened.[includes rush transcript]

Photographer Harassed by BP Security, Detained by Police While on Assignment at BP Texas Refinery
We speak with Lance Rosenfield, a freelance photographer who was hired by ProPublica to take pictures of BP’s Texas City refinery that had spewed thousands of pounds of toxic chemicals into the skies. While on assignment Rosenfield was followed by BP Security and then detained by local police.

Outrage in Oakland: Transit Officer Convicted of Involuntary Manslaughter–Not Murder–in Killing of Unarmed Oscar Grant
Scores of people were arrested in Oakland, California Thursday night in protests over the verdict in the Oscar Grant shooting. Grant was the unarmed 22-year-old African-American man who was shot dead by Johannes Mehserle, a white transit officer, on an Oakland train platform on New Year’s Day, 2009. A jury in Los Angeles convicted Merserle of involuntary manslaughter but he was acquitted on the more serious charges of second-degree murder and voluntary manslaughter.[includes rush transcript]

Gary Rivlin on "Broke, USA: From Pawnshops to Poverty, Inc.–How the Working Poor Became Big Business"
In his latest book, bestselling author and journalist Gary Rivlin says the rapacious practices of subprime lenders laid the foundation for powerful mainstream banks to get into the subprime business and turn it into a multi-billion dollar enterprise. He calls this the "poverty industry." And for those in this industry, business is booming. The book is called, "Broke, USA: From Pawnshops to Poverty, Inc.–How the Working Poor Became Big Business."[includes rush transcripts]


Appeals Court Maintains Reversal of Deepwater Drilling Ban
Mass. Judge Rules Same-Sex Marriage Ban Unconstitutional
Protests Erupt in Oakland After Verdict in Grant Trial
CENTCOM Nominee Led Fallujah Assault, Dropped Charges in Haditha Massacre
Over 50 Killed in Pakistan Bombing
U.S., Russia Swap Alleged Spies
European Lawmakers OK U.S. Monitoring of Financial Transactions
Netanyahu: Israel "Has Done Enough" for Resumption of Talks
Libyan Charity Claims Aid Ship Heading to Gaza
Wages for High School, College Graduates Fell in Last Decade
Wealthier Americans Have Higher Mortgage Default Rate
U.S. Denies Visa to Colombian Journalist
CNN Fires Middle East Editor for Twitter Post
Protesters Call for Cancellation of MLB All-Star Game in Arizona
Nixon and Kissinger Admitted to CIA Assassination Attempt in Chile; Nixon Ordered Plans for Nuking North Korea

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