Thursday, June 3, 2010

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Flotilla Passengers Huwaida Arraf of Free Gaza Movement and Retired Army Col. Ann Wright Respond to Israeli Claims on Deadly Assault
Huwaida Arraf, chairperson of the Free Gaza Movement, and retired US Col. Ann Wright were on the flotilla when it was attacked. They join us to describe the assault and their subsequent detention in Israeli prison. We also speak to Sawsan Zaher, a staff attorney at Adalah, the Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, who interviewed many of the activists in detention. [includes rush transcript]

US Student Loses Eye After Israel Fires on West Bank Protest
American college student Emily Henochowicz, 21, has lost her left eye after being shot in the face by an Israeli tear-gas canister during a protest against the flotilla assault in the occupied West Bank. A talented visual artist whose recent work has been inspired by her experiences in Israel and the Occupied Territories, Emily also suffered considerable facial damage, including fractures to the bone around the eye socket, cheek and jaw. We speak to Israeli peace activist Jonathan Pollak, who witnessed the attack. [includes rush transcript]

Actor Q’orianka Kilcher Arrested at White House Protest in Support of Peruvian Indigenous Rights
President Obama met with Peruvian President Alan Garcia at the White House on Tuesday amidst growing unrest in Peru over the Alan Garcia government’s free-market policies that open up indigenous lands to resource extraction. Outside the White House, Hollywood actor Q’orianka Kilcher chained herself to a fence, her body covered in black paint to represent oil. She was forcibly removed and the police had to use a saw to cut through her chains.

Today's Headlines

All Slain Flotilla Victims Suffered Bullet Wounds; 19-Year-Old US Citizen Among Dead
Netanyahu: Flotilla Passengers "Violent Supporters of Terrorism"
Biden Defends Israeli Assault, Gaza Blockade
UN Human Rights Council Votes for Probe of Flotilla Attack, US Opposed
BP’s Latest Effort to Slow Leak Fails; Oil Reaches Alabama, Mississippi
New Drilling Well Approved in Gulf of Mexico
UN Calls for Halt to CIA Drone Attacks
US Altered Military Rules to Protect Drone Operators
Violence Erupts at Afghan Peace Meeting
Obama Expands Benefits for Same-Sex Partners of Federal Workers
Guard at Private Immigration Prison Fired for Sexual Assault

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