Saturday, June 19, 2010

This Week from Indian Country Today

Obama mentions tribes as part of oil spill restoration; chief testifies on mess
WASHINGTON – Outreach to tribes suffering the aftereffects of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill is becoming part of the Obama administration’s spoken narrative.President Barack Obama noted a role for tribes in a national address from the Oval Office June 15. Read more »

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Keepers of the Peace Powwow
Obama mentions tribes as part of oil spill restoration; chief testifies on mess
Court orders construction halt on Viejas sacred site
Keepseagle deadline extended
Feds approve NY tribe recognition
Tribes prepare for impacts of climate change
Inspirational song shares Eagle Rock story
Pressure builds in Hopi dismissals and disputes
Seminole tribe accused of violating federal laws
NCAI sends Senate cautious Cobell letter
Heritage center’s collaboration saves eagles’ nest
Trial of Ned Christie called to order after 118 years
Yankton Sioux Tribe loses land transfer appeal
Tohono O’odham and Inter Tribal Council pass resolutions opposing S.B. 1070
Human rights activist: Tohono O’odham government lacks ‘moral authority’ to oppose S.B. 1070 Interior opposes updated tribal self-governance
Web site for public comment on UN Declaration
Will 100-pound salmon return to Elwha?
Cobell detractors make final push
Tribe, conservation groups sue Six Rivers National Forest
Seldovia Village Tribe hopes to beef up ferry port
Tonto Apache Tribe acquires 293 acres
EPA officials weigh in on Eagle Rock
Montana teen suspected of shooting at tribal officer
DOJ adds prosecutors to fight Indian country crime


Great Lakes


Ross: Happy Father’s Day

Two of my closest friends were hellions growing up. They were older than me, and both were admittedly knuckleheads; therefore, my overprotective mom didn’t like them or want me hanging out with either of them. At the time, she had good reason for her apprehension. I doubt that she could see the changes that would occur in them. Read more »

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