Tuesday, June 29, 2010

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Agenda for Senate Indian Affairs Committee business meeting (6/29)

Editorial: Cobell settlement hits a partisan roadblock in Senate (6/29)

Yakama Nation members stranded in Alabama in hopes of jobs (6/29)

Navajo Nation president loses ruling in campaign for third term (6/29)

Review: Washington politics and the 'Wounded Knee' massacre (6/29)

Column: Republicans slam Thurgood Marshall in Kagan hearing (6/29)

Miccosukee Tribe under scrutiny for $61K per capita payments (6/29)

Judge plans a trial in Flandreau Santee Sioux compact lawsuit (6/29)

United Auburn Indian Community debuts new hotel for casino (6/29)

Tim Giago: A Native American newspaper born on July 1, 1981 (6/28)

Salazar tells BIA to continue work on gaming land applications (6/28)

Mark Trahant: Community health centers a new funding source (6/28)

Editorial: Barrasso should listen to tribes on Cobell settlement (6/28)

Supreme Court dismisses petition in Cobell accounting appeal (6/28)

Witness list for Indian Affairs Committee hearing on diabetes (6/28)

BIA names permanent regional director for Great Plains office (6/28)

Editorial: Interior Department can't be trusted to handle cash (6/28)

NPR: Obama opens Promise Neighborhoods program to tribes (6/28)

Libby Washburn: Remembering Udall legacy in Indian Country (6/28)

Brent Wesley: An Indian within the meaning of the Indian Act (6/28)

Opinion: Recognize achievements of Maine Native Americans (6/28)

Alaska Native leaders ready for meeting with Larry Echo Hawk (6/28)

Navajo community moves to address suicide among its youth (6/28)

Restaurant group changes alcohol policy after fatal accidents (6/28)

Blackfeet Nation heads to the polls to fill five council positions (6/28)

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