Thursday, June 24, 2010

24 June 2010: Today's Democracy Now!

3 US Soldiers Speak Out on McChrystal’s Firing, Petraeus as Replacement, and the Unending War in Afghanistan
President Obama says the Afghan war will continue as planned despite his firing of General Stanley McChrystal over disparaging comments made by McChrystal and his aides about top US officials. Obama has named General David Petraeus, head of the US Central Command and architect of the surge in Iraq, as a successor. The firing of McChrystal comes at a perilous moment in the Afghan war, with June now the deadliest month for the NATO force since the 2001 invasion. We speak to three soldiers: Brock McIntosh, an Afghan war vet who has filed for conscientious objector status; Victor Agosto, who was jailed after refusing to deploy to Afghanistan after serving in Iraq; and Camilo Mejia, the first GI who served in Iraq to have publicly resisted the war. [includes rush transcript]

Detroit Urban Agriculture Movement Looks to Reclaim Motor City
In Detroit, demolition crews are planning to tear down 10,000 residential buildings over the next four years that the city has deemed dangerous. But as old structures are coming down, the city is redefining itself in other ways. An estimated 20 to 30 percent of the city’s lots are vacant, and there is a growing urban agriculture movement that community groups are using to reclaim the city. Malik Yakini, chairman of the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network, gives us a tour of D-Town Farm, one of the biggest urban farms in Detroit. [includes rush transcript]

Detroit Summer: The Youth Program that Inspired Many Activists to Make Detroit a Movement City
To many longtime Detroit-based activists, urban farming and other community-based programs are a prime example of why they see Detroit not as Ground Zero for the recession but as a movement city—a place that uses crisis as an opportunity to nurture sustainability and community-building. When many of the Detroit-based activists and organizers are asked how they first got involved in their communities, they often mention Detroit Summer, a youth program started in 1992. We speak with Michelle Brown, who is sometimes called "the mother of Detroit Summer," and a member of the Detroit Summer mural project. [includes rush transcript]

Detroit Hip-Hop Artist and Activist Invincible: Another Detroit Is Happening
Invincible performs an a capella version of her new "Detroit Summer" and talks about how youth organizing is transforming Detroit. She is releasing the song this summer on her own label Emergence, which is based on cooperative economics. The website recently named Invincible the fifth best female MC ever, behind Jean Grae, MC Lyte, Lauryn Hill and Queen Latifah. [includes rush transcript]


Obama Taps Petraeus as Afghan Commander After Firing McChrystal
June is Deadliest Month for NATO Occupation in Afghan War
Oil Spill Worsens After Containment Cap Damaged
"Despondent" Gulf Boat Captain Commits Suicide
Report: Iranian Officers Seized US Hikers in Iraq
5 US Citizens Sentenced to 10 Years in Pakistan
CIA Awards Blackwater Another Contract in Afghanistan
Poll: Most Palestinians Support Peace Deal with Israel
Israel Accused of Unlawfully Treating Jailed Nuclear Whistleblower
Swedish Dockworkers Launch Week-Long Boycott of Israeli Ships
Study Ranks US Last on Healthcare
Witnesses Recant Testimony at Hearing for Georgia Death Row Prisoner Troy Anthony Davis

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