Monday, June 21, 2010

21 June 2010: Today's Democracy Now!

Academy Award-Winning Filmmaker Oliver Stone Tackles Latin America’s Political Upheaval in "South of the Border", US Financial Crisis in Sequel to Iconic "Wall Street"
Academy Award-winning filmmaker Oliver Stone has taken on three American presidents in JFK, Nixon and W. and the most controversial aspects of the war in Platoon and Born on the Fourth of July. He looked at the greed of the financial industry in the Hollywood hit Wall Street and its forthcoming sequel. In South of the Border, his latest documentary out this week in the United States, Stone takes a road trip across South America, meeting with seven presidents about the revolution sweeping the continent. The leftist transformation in the region might be ignored or misrepresented as nothing but "anti-Americanism" in the corporate media, but this film seeks to tell a different story. Stone joins us along with the film’s co-writer, the Pakistani British author and activist Tariq Ali. [includes rush transcript–partial]


Documents: BP Privately Estimates Spill of 100,000 Barrels a Day
BP Used "Risky" Well Design at Explosion Site
Admin Grants New Waivers for Gulf Drilling
10 Afghan Civilians Killed in NATO Attack; Afghan Violence Up 40%
US Awards Blackwater $120M Contract in Afghanistan
26 Killed in Iraq Car Bombings
US Ignores Calls for End to Gaza Seige
Protesters Block Israeli Ship from Unloading at Oakland Port
Ex-Defense Minister Wins Colombia Vote
Report: Admin Intervenes to Oppose Curbing CEO Pay
Study: Blacks, Latinos Hardest Hit by Foreclosures
Pentagon Revives Spy Database

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