Monday, June 7, 2010

07 June 2010: Today's Democracy Now!

Israel Rejects Call for International Probe into Attack on Gaza Flotilla
While international condemnation of Israel continues, inside Israel the mood is quite different. An Israeli parliamentary panel recommended today that the Knesset revoke the privileges of Israeli Arab lawmaker Hanin Zoabi for participating in last week’s Gaza-bound aid flotilla. Right-wing demonstrators targeted a peace protest in Tel Aviv Saturday and reportedly attacked veteran Israeli activist, the eighty-six-year-old Uri Avnery. For more on the fallout of the flotilla attack and the reactions inside Israel, I’m joined now from Jaffa by Max Blumenthal. [includes rush transcript]

BP Oil Spill Threatens Future of Indigenous Communities in Louisiana
During our recent trip to southern Louisiana, we visited Grand Bayou, a village accessible only by boat, that feels they are on the brink of extinction. The indigenous Atakapa-Ishak people in this coastal Louisiana village have relied on the land and water around them to survive for generations. They live mostly off the oysters, shrimp and fish they draw from the marshes. Now the traditions and very survival of this small community are at risk. We went to Grand Bayou on the same day as a visiting delegation from Alaska who survived the Exxon-Valdez spill and spoke to indigenous leaders from both disaster-affected communities. [includes rush transcript]

Johan Galtung on "The Fall of the US Empire"
The amount of money the United States has spent on wars in Afghanistan and Iraq surpassed the $1 trillion mark last week, according to the National Priorities Project Cost of War counter. To date, over $747 billion has been appropriated for the war in Iraq and $299 billion for the war in Afghanistan. The US is spending over $136 billion on the wars this year. I’m joined now by Johan Galtung, who has spent the past half-century pursuing nonviolent conflict resolution in international relations. He’s known as a founder of the field of peace and conflict studies. [includes rush transcript]


Israel Seizes Another Gaza-Bound Aid Boat
Report: Israel Had Assassination List
Coast Guard Commander: "This Spill Is Holding Everybody Hostage"
Oil Tar Bars Spotted on Pensacola Beach in Florida
Report: Many Gulf Coast Judges Tied to Oil and Gas Industry
US Intel Analyst Arrested for Leaking Wikileaks Video
US Elite Special Forces Deployed Across World
Amnesty: US Missiles Used in Yemen Air Strike
CIA Personnel Engaged in Human Experimentation
DR Congo Police Chief Suspended in Probe of Activist Death
Eight Convicted for Bhopal Disaster
Tristan Anderson Returns Home to California
The Pixies Cancel Concert in Israel
Silvio Rodriguez Peforms in US for First Time Since 1980

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