Monday, June 14, 2010

06/14: Tune in: Lynne Stewart's health on WBAI @ 1:30 PM Eastern

Tune in Monday, June 14, at 1:30 PM Eastern time to Health Action on WBAI, 99.5 FM, streaming live at The archived sound file (23 minutes), plus background text (including What You Can Do), as well as contact information and web links are now available at


At 1:30 PM, in Health Action's second segment, co-host Bob Lederer will focus on the life-threatening health situation of political prisoner and former attorney Lynne Stewart, held on charges of allegedly "aiding terrorism" since last December at the federal Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan. Bob will interview Ralph Poynter, Lynne's life partner and defense committee coordinator, and their daughter, physician Zenovia Brown, who has worked to monitor Lynne's care from the outside. Lynne was recently found to have a large mass in her liver which may or may not be cancerous.

The two guests will outline the outrageous shackling and handcuffing of Lynne on two occasions when she had to be hospitalized for tests, and the prospect that this may be recur. Lynne now faces a July 15 resentencing hearing, at which the trial judge is under strong pressure from the appeals court to increase her 28-month sentence. The two guests will also discuss the very real threat that Lynne could be transferred to the notorously substandard federal medical prison in Carswell, TX, which they both characterized as a "death sentence" for this wonderful 72-year-old, lifelong fighter for human rights.



* Send letters asking the judge not to sentence Lynne to further prison time. Please mail to: Lynne Stewart Defense Committee, 1070 Dean St., Brooklyn, NY 11216.

* Lynne would like nothing more than to hear from her friends and associates. Please write Lynne to express your love and solidarity:

Lynne Stewart 53504-054
150 Park Row
New York, New York 10007

* Come out to Lynne's re-sentencing hearing on July 15. For details (and any possible changes), keep checking

* Learn more about the case at Share what you learn with others!


Also, Ralph Poynter will be speaking about Lynne Stewart's situation at the following event on Tues., June 15 (event starts at 6 PM):

Black Is Back * Harlem Anti-War Coalition * The Black Agenda Report
Invite you to A City Wide Speak-Out

Defend The People's Democratic Rights & Free All Our
Political Prisoners: Past, Present and Future

TUES * JUNE 15 2010* 6-9pm
The Harlem State Office Building * 2nd Floor Art Gallery
163 West 125th Street * Corner of Adam Clayton Powell Blvd

Guest Speakers include:

Diop Olugbala - International Organizer, International People's
Democratic Uhuru Movement; Philadelphia City Hall 2 Defendant
Glen Ford - The Black Agenda Report
Pam Africa
Penny Hess - Chairwoman African People's Solidarity Committee
Ralph Poynter - Lynne Stewart Defense Fund
Nellie Bailey - Harlem Anti-War Coalition

This system of capitalism has been built on African slavery, genocide against indigenous peoples and the colonization of the world. The people have always resisted and attempted to regain their freedom and self-determination. The best and the most courageous fighters for the people have always met the raft and repression of the state. They have been arrested, interned, murdered and held indefinitely in state concentration camps, called prisons. Those who have the courage to defend these fighters' democratic rights have they themselves come under attack and imprisoned. We must now defend, fight and free them as they have us via their heroic acts in our defense.

Free All Our Political Prisoners! Fight For Our Democratic Rights!
All Power To The People! Black Power to the African Community!

NY BIB/ Oronde: 347-276-7339 * Harlem Anti-War Coalition: 646-812-5188. Lynne Stewart Defense Fund: 917-853-9759.

Endorsements: International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement; Lynne Stewart Defense Fund; The African People's Solidarity Committee; The New Abolitionist Movement. December 12th Movement; Ben Chaney; more endorsements forthcoming.

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