Saturday, May 29, 2010

This Week from Indian Country today

Cobell deadline extended again
WASHINGTON – Faced with the prospect of a derailed $3.4 billion settlement in the long-running Cobell v. Salazar lawsuit, Indian plaintiffs agreed Friday to another deadline extension in an effort to secure congressional approval. Read more »


Water group seeks more input on snowmaking source
Cobell deadline extended again
New class of state ferries: Kwa-di Tabil
Crazy Bull to receive honorary doctorate
Nisqually, Puyallup, Squaxin Island remove derelict gear
Swinomish will clean up site for future development
Native woman recognized as a pioneer in the aviation field
First graduating class of Pakanapul children’s class
Full schedule of activities at Nuui Cunni
Group forms for Cherokees in Kern County
Cobell deadline in peril
Standing Bear Powwow June 4 – 6 at Bakersfield College
Gov. Jim Doyle signs school mascot bill
Schaghticoke files cert on acknowledgment reversal
Northwest tribes taking strong interest in census
Republicans question Cobell settlement
Decision on a murder’s location affects jurisdiction
Urban American Indians can still be counted
Econ development popular platform on Navajo
Minn. Chippewa members test 1855 treaty rights
Hopi lawmakers drop top attorney, suspend others
Partnership formed to promote digitized health information
New feature film slated to shoot in Montana
The fight will continue for KBIC
Controversial words from a controversial person


Great Lakes


Rodriguez: Arizona: A critical resistance boycott

The first rule of any boycott is to keep your eyes on the prize; translated, this means never lose sight of the big picture. Read more »

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