Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rapid City, SD: Protest march June 1: Cristopher Capps, 22, shot dead by officer for brandishing driftwood

According to the Native Sun News in Rapid City, a march in protest of the shooting of college bound, Oglala Lakota, Christopher Capps will take place on June 1.

In-depth investigation by Randal Howell, Managing Editor at NSN, reveals the officer who shot Capps to death was wearing a taser at the time. And, the knife the officer claimed he saw was in fact a sharp, 6-8 inch piece of driftwood.

Protesters will gather at Mother Butler Center, which is located at 220 Wright St. in Rapid City. Speakers are welcome.

Monetary donations are sought along with donations of food. Contact the president of the United Urban Warrior Society/AIM, James Swan, at (605) 877-5307 or by email at:

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