Sunday, April 11, 2010

Scott Demuth legal update

From the legal team: “Since our last hearing on February 23, we have been reviewing materials in preparation for trial, and have been filing motions to dismiss the government’s superseding indictment. We have moved to dismiss based on the language of the indictment being so vague and open-ended that it fails to state the scope of the alleged conspiracy or what supposed role Scott played in it. Another motion has been filed based on the statute of limitations, since the superseding indictment came over five years after the ALF action at Spence. We are also in the process of drafting additional motions, including others which will seek to dismiss the charge against Scott.

In addition, we filed a motion for Bill of Particulars, requesting that the government clearly state what criminal acts they are alleging Scott
participated in. Along with this, we filed a motion for Rule 12 notice, requiring the government to state what specific evidence they intend to
introduce at trial. The Magistrate Judge ruled against us on both these motions and we have moved for the trial judge to reconsider the Magistrate’s rulings.

Our next court date is a pretrial conference scheduled for Monday, April 12 at 10:30 in front of Magistrate Judge Shields, which will address open
discovery matters and specifics regarding trial. The trial is set to begin on Monday, May 3 and we are preparing for it to start on schedule, even though we hope the trial judge rules in our favor and the case is dismissed before then.”

2. Defense funds and fiscal sponsor still needed

As we’ve known all along, Scott’s legal fees will increase considerably as we approach trial. We just got an estimate from his legal team about his expected expenses: $50,000! We need help raising this money!

Please consider donating to his defense through PayPal at, or by making a check out to Coldsnap Legal Collective with “EWOK!” in the memo line, and sending it to EWOK! c/o Coldsnap, PO Box 50514, Minneapolis, MN 55405. And please spread the word to all your loved ones!

We’re also still looking for a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to act as our fiscal sponsor so that folks can make tax-deductible donations to the defense fund. If you have any leads, please email us at

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