Sunday, April 11, 2010

Leonard Peltier: Mclaren's Son Reveals Last Words

Mclaren's Son Reveals Last Words
MALCOLM MCLAREN used his last words to back his step-son's campaign for the release of American Indian activist LEONARD PELTIER.

The punk icon passed away in Switzerland on Thursday (08Apr10) after losing his battle with cancer.

He was surrounded by family, including his son Joe Corré from his longtime relationship with designer Vivienne Westwood, and her son Ben, from a previous marriage.

And Corre admits MCLaren was admiring Ben's t-shirt when he died, because the slogan voiced his support for incarcerated American Indian activist Peltier, who is at the centre of a global campaign for his freedom.

Corre says, "His last words were 'Free Leonard Peltier'. Ben had a t-shirt with the slogan on and my father saw this and admired it. He was proud of Ben for this and he had a sense of humour to the end. He smiled. My father was a very special person. A person who changed the world. I am incredibly proud of him."

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